Motivation for GadgetTrader.SG

Today, consumers like us love buying the latest gadgets. Be it the latest mobile phone, laptop, camera and tablet, we are always constantly on the lookout for the newest and greatest. But what happen to your previous gadgets? Many of us will either sell them to shops or trade-in for a newer one. Such shops generally buy back at a much lower price than the market rate and trade-in prices are also not that great.

For the more savvy ones, we will sell off our gadget through online forums. Unfortunately, selling through forums is not simple and requires you to constantly monitor your thread. Ever tried 'bumping' your thread 10 times a day just to get visibility for your post? The problem lies in the fact that forums are not meant for trading. Not everyone understands 'WTS','WTB','BNIB' and such jargons of forum trading.

At the end of the day, sellers want to quickly post their items for others to see while buyers want to quickly find the gadget they want.

Enter GadgetTrader.SG! Our website allows user to post their gadget easily within just 30 seconds. Indicate what are the specifications that matters to your buyer and your post is ready! When the item is sold, just mark your item as sold on our site and all your contact information will be hidden.

For buyer, you can search for the gadgets you want easily, filter by price, specs and location for meetup easily from our website. Get in touch quickly with the seller through their preferred contact mode and meet up with them to make the deal.

We believe that GadgetTrader.SG will be a better experience for all to buy, sell and trade their gadgets. Currently, we are on beta but we are working continously to bring you the best experience for gadget trading.

The team behind GadgetTrader.SG

Jax's Pic

Jax Xie Jianxin (Co-Founder)

National University of Singapore Alumni
Jax is the creator behind one of Singapore top sites for game trading, GameTrader.SG, which has enabled over 20,000 transactions within the past 3 years. Being the key developer of this project, he is always active on his keyboard looking at ways to improve the UI/UX for GadgetTrader.SG.

Vincent's Pic

Vincent (Co-Founder)

RMIT University Alumni

Vincent is the other cool engineer behind GadgetTrader.SG. He works on cranking up the backend system for the website to make sure that it is awesomely good for you. Skilled in multiple programming languages, he is core to the engineering team.